Club Newsletter - October 2016 Club Meeting

            Joe Meade opened the meeting at 3 PM on October 22, 2016 and we discussed old business.  We talked about reinstalling the fence for public safety concerns and Jared Hurley will check on the cost and report later. Also discussed working on the lawn mowers and getting them ready for spring, and the possibility of purchasing a used mower to replace the current one.  Replacing the current reels we use for tables with actual tables was also discussed.  Discussed informing the membership that if they join the AMA under the Park Pilot clause, they will only be permitted to fly that type of aircraft at the field.

         Under new business, ,we discussed building a new workbench under the shed and possibly installing a new charging station. It was suggested to change the club bylaws to move the officer election date from January each year to December, and make the new officer positions take effect on January 1st instead of February 1st.  This was put to vote, and it was passed by a unanimous vote of the membership.   Set the date of our next club meeting to be November 9th at the club field.  It was agreed to have our Christmas dinner at 5:00pm on December 10th at Joe Meade’s house at Tram.  It was also agreed upon to have our election for 2017 officers at this time. 

         A motion was made by Jared Hurley for the club to purchase an airplane for training purposes and acquire a radio for the same purpose.  Densil Baker seconded the motion and it was passed by a unanimous vote of the membership. 

         Introduced our newest member, John Carwell.

         The treasurers report was presented by Herbert Winstead and was accepted as read by the membership.

         Members were recognized for their donation of time and labor to help maintain and repair the buildings and field.  These members were Curtis Branham for building a new flight stand and Rob Campbell for mowing the field.

         At 3:35 PM it was determined that there was no other business to be discussed and the meeting was adjourned.        

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