Club Newsletter - November 2016 Club Meeting


Club Newsletter - November 2016 Club Meeting    

   At 1:10 pm on November 19, 2016, the monthly meeting of the Stonecrest RC Flyers club was called to order by president Joe Meade.  There were eight members present which included club officers. 
   Old business discussed included the changing of the bylaws for election of the officers to be done in December.  The purchase of a new training plane was discussed and was shown to the membership where the plane and radio would be stored and used.  A new workbench has been built, and the charging stations will be done in the near future. 
   Installing a fence to protect spectators was discussed and it was determined to install pipes in the ground to allow installation of different types of fencing.  Jared Hurley will check on type of pipe needed.  This will be an ongoing winter project.  Secretary’s report was presented by the secretary, Herbert Winstead and accepted as read by the membership.
   Under new business, AMA updates were discussed including the AMA Park Flyer rules.  AMA Park Flyer disclaimer was explained, and all park flyers will sign a copy of this document.  Club dues were discussed and all present were reminded that they are due in January.  
   Under FAA ruling, all aircraft must be registered with the FAA and the club will observe this rule until further notice.  John Carwell brought up the placement of the NO TRESPASSING sign on the chain at the field entrance.  It was decided that the current sign would have “No Trespassing” to be replaced with, and the NO TRESPASSING sign will be hung on the chain. This decision was passed by the membership. 
   It was discussed and passed by the membership to install new gutters on the front of the clubhouse.  The summer flyin was discussed, and the membership decided to continue to schedule our fly-in the weekend after Ashland Tri-state RC Flyers club’s fly-in, the third week in June.
   The Christmas party was discussed and it was decided not to purchase pizza, but each member volunteered to bring individual dishes.  Anyone attending the party is asked to bring a potluck dish.  The Christmas party will be on December 10th at 5pm at the home of Joe Meade.  Everyone is invited to attend.
   The meeting was dismissed at 2:07 pm by president Joe Meade.

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