Club Newsletter - Club meeting July 16, 2017

The Stonecrest RC Flyers  Club met for their monthly meeting on July 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM.  The meeting was called to order by President Joe Meade and there were eleven members present.  The first order of business was to welcome two new park flyer members, James Holbrook and Chris Holbrook.  Old business was addressed first and that was to schedule another workday for doing odd jobs around the flying field.  The workday is to be scheduled by Densil Baker.  It was also discussed making new keys for new members. 

      The treasurers report was given by Herb Winstead.  The profits from the June fly-in were noted in the treasurers report and also all the expenses involved in the fly-in.  The treasurers report was on the treasurers ipad and was open for viewing by the membership at the meeting.   All members voted to accept the report as read.  A motion was made by Rob Campbell and seconded by Keith Blackburn to purchase a weedeater for the maintenance of the flying field.  A motion to purchase a port-a-potty was made by Rob Campbell and seconded by Wayne (Blue) Harris.  Agreement was made to purchase the port-a -potty from the individual who was gracious enough to loan us one for our June fly-in.  A motion was made by Curtis Branham and seconded by Eugene Branham to purchase a privacy fence to enclose the port-a-potty.  Rob Campbell made a motion and was seconded by Wayne (Blue) Harris to purchase two coolers to be used at the flying field and are to be stored at the field.  Rob Campbell made a motion, seconde3d by Wayne (blue) Harris to purchase a grill and utensils for cookouts to be stored at the flying field.      

      A fun day was agreed upon by all present members and to provide free hotdogs and hamburgers to members, families, and friends on August 19th at Stonecrest Flying field.  This will be a free fun day with no charge to pilots.  Any donations will be graciously accepted.

      A motion was made by Curtis Branham and seconded by Densil Baker to change the by-laws to include an alternate field marshal and safety marshal to ensure one will always be available at the field. This motion passed and was accepted by the membership.  Rob Campbell accepted the position of alternate field/safety marshal. 

      With no more business to discuss the meeting was adjourned by President Joe Meade at 3:30 PM.

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