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Club Newsletter - December 2018 Club Meeting

On December 15, 2018 the Stonecrest RC Flyers had their annual Christmas party at Giovanni’s Pizza in Pikeville, KY.  In attendance were eight members and several members of their families.  Even though attendance was low, everyone had a great time.  We also appreciate the visitor.  Everyone ate dinner and socialized.  Door prizes were then drawn for.  The lucky winners were  Chris Holbrook and Herb Winstead.  Congratulations to the lucky winners.

After dinner at 12:00 PM, a meeting was called to order by Joe Meade, President.  The first item on the agenda was the election of officers for 2019.  Motion was approved by the membership and ballots were handed out. The officers for 2019 are as listed:  Joe Meade President, Curtis Branham Vice-President, Herb Winstead Secretary-Treasurer, and Wayne Harris  Field Marshall/Safety Coordinator with Jared Hurley the alternate.

New business discussed  was to get rid of old red lawn mower and scrap metal that was in building. A motion was made by Herb Winstead and seconded by Curtis Branham to let Joe Meade dispose of these items and was approved by the membership.  Joe Meade made a motion to have the flyin for 2019 but no date was set, though it was agreed that we should try to be consistent and have it on the third Saturday in June. 

Joe Meade stated that membership dues for 2019 were now due and payable at this time.  Several members paid their dues at this time.  

It was brought up that we should do dedicated membership drives in 2019.  The idea was approved of by all present and we will work on details in the coming months. 

With no further business to discuss Joe Meade made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Herbert Winstead.