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Club Newsletter - January 2019 Club Meeting

January 20 2019 


     We had our monthly meeting that was scheduled by Curt Branham and held at the shop where he works because of inclement weather. Thanks Curt, would have been cold at our club house at the field.

     The meeting was called to order by president, Joe Meade at 3:15 P.M. for our first meeting of the year.

     The first order of old business was the new mower that was purchase last fall. Joe said that it had been starting ok this winter but needed to have oil changed and get checked over before spring. The black mower was talked about and it needs oil change and new belts put on before spring time. Curt Branham said as soon as he has time, he will take it to his shop and have repairs made.

     Next was new business, and Herb Winstead brought up marking off the field and keep it mowed lower and mow the rest of field higher because of hitting so many rocks. This was unanimously agreed upon and Joe Meade suggested that the officer get together before spring and mark the field so everyone will know where to mow higher.     

     Densil Baker made a motion that the club purchase a small ready to fly airplane so it could be sold to a person that would like to learn how to fly. Pete Holbrook second the motion and all agreed.  Shaun Hammonds said he would donate an airplane and radio and rest of members would add anything he didn’t have.

     Joe Meade said that he had talked to the mayor of Prestonsburg about the lease on property and would keep us informed on that.  Joe Meade also made motion, and was second Curt Branham, to let people have scheduled wedding at the field as long as it don’t interfere with our activities of flying at the field.  They must sign our club disclaimer before use.

     Herb Winstead covered the financial report and motion was made by Curt Branham and second by Wayne Harris to approve.

     Densil Baker made a motion to donate a portion of the fly-in proceeds to the veterans of Prestonsburg, and motion was seconded by Pete Holbrook. Herb Winstead is going to check with veterans and get back with the committee.

     Densil Baker is going to check with the 911 office to see if we can get GPS Coordinates to show our field location. It seems that the address is not showing up anywhere.

     With no other business, Joe Meade adjourned the meeting at 4 PM.